The Billy Riggs Band was established by singer/songwriter Billy Riggs upon moving to San Francisco in 2003.  A native of Louisville, KY Billy’s early experience stemmed from involvement in musical theater, leading church music and from his father’s eclectic record collection – consisting of experimental folk  and classic rock.  The first pieces he ever heard were Icarus by Paul Winter Consort and The Planets by Gustav Holst. His first vocal solo came at age of 8 in local musical, after which he was continually given lead singing roles.  He began playing guitar at the age of 13 and before the end of high school had formed two bands The Hermits and Next Exit.

In 1997 he joined The Elms at the Dove Awards, National Spotlight Competition for emerging artists where they finished third.  He left the band to attend college at Ball State University where he studied history (art / architecture) and produced a thesis that involved writing, recording and producing contemporary interpretations of classic church hymns.  He went on to do Master’s (University of Louisville) and PhD work (UC Berkeley) in urban planning and design and moved to San Francisco in 2003.

Influenced by his move to California, he began to work on new music with help from his younger brother Gabe Riggs and friend Nick Fiorentinos.  After his debut release in 2003 Billy began to work with Dan Feeney on bass and Carlos Villarreal on drums (whom he met through respective athletic and urban planning endeavors).  As each of the band members left their unique thumbprint on Billy’s songs the BRB sound began to take shape.

In addition to songwriting and performance, Billy also continues to work in recording and production. He has worked with his brother Gabe and drummer Carlos Villarreal on various projects. He also recorded and produced an award-winning children’s album with artist Frances England. He is related both to, New York artist SonLux, and Delhi singer and santoor player, Gaurav Chopra. In his free time he makes beer and wine out of his basement, and runs in marathons competitively.

July 01, 2003


Billy Riggs, Dan Feeney, Carlos Villarreal

Writing and Performance: U2; Dylan; Sting; Simon; Clapton and Cream; the Rolling Stones; Dylan; 80′s pop and 90′s brit rock; random others including P. Winter, Miles D., G. Holst G. Miller, H. Mancini. Recording and Production: David Rawlings; Martin Smith; Brian Eno; Daniel Lanois.

Dylan channeling STP while covering the Wallflowers; or Buffalo Springfield playing heavy David Gray; or the Counting Crows married to U2.